It has finally happened; the footwear race is on!

Cycling, speed skating and swimming have all had their kit breakthroughs resulting in a spell of world records. 60 years after Abebe Bikila broke the world marathon record barefoot, the footwear industry shows that shoes can really improve running performances.

Despite the new World Athletics ruling, the footwear developments will continue.

Healus Ltd patented the Resilic sole system with its trampoline and pole vault effects – see the video of these super resilient lightweight shoes with optimal shock absorption, stability & durability

There is ample controversy behind his seismic shift. Dr Geoffrey Burns, Michigan University tested the Nike VaporFlys and analyses the shoes. His stance on the debate is that we need to “limit the thickness of the midsole”.

In this Runners’ World video, the guys are cutting open the various footwear models and compare.

Other brands follow Nike. By cutting open the Brooks Hyperion Elite we see how one of the copycats try to market something “different”.

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